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July 09, 2008


Jan B.

Yes, this sounds pretty typical of the first few months of an infant's life. So very frustrating, isn't it? I guess this is nature's way of making you appreciate the later months all the more. It DOES get a lot better! He's only going to get cuter and cuter, which is also nature's way of preserving the species! :-) LOVE THE PHOTOS!!!!

your other mother

I'm coming...only 5 more days! Think of some things you two (you and Mike) want to do together by yourselves.

Happy anniversary (yesterday) and happy 2 months to Daniel.

I love you all.


That's brutal :[ at least you got out.

Cousin Erka

Love your pictures! It's good to hear that you guys got out and had some fun, even though part of your party was sleeping the whole time, that's OK.

I understand the feeling couped up part, I get that on a daily basis being a "house wifey". The most outdoors I get is walking to our mailbox in the complex, or occasional evening swim in the pool. Now that the area kids have gone back to school here, I'm determined to make it to the pool during the day for some exercise (but it hasn't happened yet, it's still in the thought process, lol).

Love you and call any time you feel the need to chat with another grown up, though I'm not sure how much help I'll be, hehe.

Love you!

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