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April 30, 2008


Cousin Erka


You and your amazing writing abilities ;).

You are going to be an awesome Mommy and I can't wait to see you and Hobie and little Mr. O in July! Love love love you ALL!


Get him a pink one if you like pink! There's no point in gendering a baby anyway, they all look pruney and asexual.

Aunt BJ

How's about one more belly pic before little Mr. O busts out? hehe


heh LOVE your writing.

I remember when I was having Baby4 and we found out it was a girl (I didn't find out with 1-3) and I was looking for everything pink in the WORLD and there was only BLUE AND BLACK strollers. I was So Disgusted. Why didn't they have Screaming Pink Strollers at ToysRUs? But then... finally... I settled on the subtle green and tan plaid. It worked out just fine. She was still girly. heh

Good luck finding everything you need. Honest, you can get all that stuff later. Have you tried some resale shops Mommy? :)


Don't sweat it they will probably give you like 2 baby bags at the hospital! Gotta love those promotional items!

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