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April 21, 2008




Sweet. Peanut.


Hi I just wandered into your blog while browsing and WOW look at that belly!! I bet you're not sleeping much these days...;)


Look at you! What a lovely belly, you're doing such a great job of growing your little one. You'll be snuggling him soon, how exciting!

I'm getting all nostalgic for my pregnancies now. I kind of miss it (shh, don't tell anyone!)


Aawwwww, you are so cute! Soon you will have him in your arms! I can't believe only a few weeks to go! Keeps us posted. We love to see your belly and how you are doing!


Awwwww, you look so cute, Katy!

It won't be long now -- although I am sure you're quite ready to give birth by now :)

You've got a whole lot of us pulling for you to have a short, easy-peasy labor!

I cannot wait to see the cuteness!!!!!

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