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January 23, 2007



You have at least seven more years before it's worth your time to panic. You have a BA in life, baby. And if the college is important, when the time is right, it'll all fall into place.

Not to worry...God's in control.

I love you!


Mama's right! I go through those same feelings on a pretty regular basis, but it is what it is and I have 5 beautiful children to prove it. And some of the most unintelligent people go to college and some of us are really intelligent without it. Keep up the learning little Sis!


Hi there Katers. :)

I always love reading your thoughts and this is a great post.

I never went to college. I got married at 17. I was never encouraged to go to college. My 14yo daughter was so SAD when I told her that.

The good thing is that you're 1) still hoping and planning to go; and 2) not rushing into starting a family.

You're young and you have a lot of time for all the good stuff - take it in the right order and like Mama says - God's got a plan for you. Just be patient and follow His lead. :)


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