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December 18, 2006



Indiana, my dear Watrous.

Have you gotten the package I sent you yet? Because you NEED to watch the latest BSG so we can discuss!


Your Bub was so amazed by your pluck and fearlessness. I, of course, knew that it'd be a cakewalk for you (you've wrangled newborns and changed many toddlers' diapers) and you are brave.

Love you!


It was awesome Gator. And for all who see this. I got to see Katy slide down a huge mud hill on her bu**. I know, I said bu**.

The Other Sunshine

Glad to hear that there is much fun to be had! I will call soon. Things are very hectic here! Love you! Say Hi to Papa Scott.

Chuck Thompson

Kate: I am trying to get information on a group Tunnel Rats tour in Okinawa. (Your "emailme" prompt doesn't work for me.) Could you please let me know who you arranged your Tunnel Rats tour with, contact info, etc.? Thanks, Chuck Thompson, Oregon, USA

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