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January 08, 2006



Good Morning, Sunshine...at least it is near morning here. I have to tell you that it isn't often that I am jealous...but I am so jealous. Those are absolutely beautiful pictures and places... Please keep up the exploring! It's good for you!


Ooooooooooooh yeah.. you are in Japan!! yep! Steps steps steps! But boy is it worth it when you get to the top!
What a great day to hold onto and more to look forward to!

Tony Rayo

=), please have a great 2006 (nice pics btw). As good as coffee is in Japan please don't miss out on the non-coffee related caffeinated products. Items like soap and gum have been in the US/UK for a while but it all started there... maybe you'll even be able to find a caffeinated donut (they exist!).


Great pics, you are lucky to explore. And keep it up have a great week.


What a beautiful place. There are spots like those out west. Keep enjoying God's beauty. It makes the tough things of life easier. :)

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