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January 06, 2006



Oh Sunshine, He'll call again. I promise. Keep your chin up and get one of those ticker thingys for a countdown to your visit home in Michigan ;)


My poor baby. I'm so sorry. The randomness of his phone opportunities makes having a life really difficult, doesn't it?

I'm with your big sis...go get a ticker thingie for your trip home and Mike's (purported) homecoming too...

I love you so much!


(((Hugs))) I'm sorry he has to be gone. Could you spend your time knitting him something for his return? How heartbreaking to miss his call. But he will call again.


I am sorry that your Mikie is gone baby. I miss him too. Just 29 more days before you come and see your 2nd favorite guy (that is if Nick has not taken my place in that). Next time you talk to him give him our love.
I Love You Baby,


Ah --- a good cry and some potato chips. Being a woman does have its perks. . .

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