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December 02, 2005



Hi Kate! I clicked on your link through your mom's blog! WOW - she sent such awesome stuff - do you need a sister? heh And yes, I think one needs to live without a toaster long enough to realize how great it is to have one. I lived witnout one for a while and kept trying to make toast in a frying pan - I burned SOOOOO much bread!

Happy knitting while your husband is away - looks like you've got all the tools to keep yourself busy and thankfully can keep up with your family and friends through your blog and email. :)


Great stuff, your mom is such a great person and a wonderful sister in love. Can't wait to see some pics of the knitting you do with that great yarn.


*kisses* I love you sweety, I'll call you in about an hour or so =)


How great is your mom?

But. . . then. . . you knew already, huh?


Nice Mom, think you should keep her. Keep your eyes open for Christmas package, bet she sends a hum dinger.

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