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September 10, 2009





I sympathize. That has got to be the hardest time - both physically AND emotionally. Let us know when you head south again - when you close on the house (notice I said when and not if?) you'll probably have to go somewhat soon. I love you both. Your other mother

Cousin Erka

I'm coming to visit after you get a house!

You can count on it ;). Praying that by Spring/Summer 2010 I will have my very own vehicle again (it's gonna be a mini van, watch out LA drivers! lol). To break it in we will be road-tripping to the East Coast and on the way I want to stop off and hug your neck and tell you how much I've missed my Katy :). Praying for you and your family. I hope that all goes well with the weaning, and thanks for that future tip ;).

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