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April 23, 2009


Cousin Erka

Kate, My Dear Sweet Kate,

You have THE most fascinating child I have ever seen! (And one day I hope to meet him in person too). I Love you and miss you so very very much! I think I will have to call soon so I can hear your sweet voice and catch up a bit with you ;). Take care of yourself and I pray the Lord honors your request and grants you some well-deserved sleep and good beddy-by dreams ;). <3


I am sending out his birthday present tomorrow, actually. It's actually got four little things that you'll enjoy and then one plush soccer ball for him. But don't tell him I told you about the plush soccer ball. Wouldn't want him to get all disappointed too early. I want him to be there to help rip open the package and then be like, WHAT THE HECK, ANNIE, THIS BLOWS.

I assume he speaks at this level already.


I can't believe he's walking already! He just keeps get cuter by the day. I'm so glad you're able to be home to enjoy every minute with him. There's nothing like it in the world!

Aunt BJ

NO BABY HEAD SNIFFING!!! (Don't you know that's how you get pregnant?)
Beautiful son, good job, Momma Kate! :)

Miss Scarlett

Love the post! and your banner too.

"His tastes are very eclectic" == and his parents tastes in literature are awesome!

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