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February 28, 2009



He just gets more beautiful with each passing day!!!

Shelly D

How do you stand it? He's so wonderful! (mine are 15, 14 and 9)I forgot all about the channel changing stage! One of ours broke the on/off switch on the tv, cuz they pressed it so much! Enjoy! He'll be a teen all too soon!


He's grown up so much!

/end lurking commenter's comment. :)

Mrs. Winn

Kate- Wow, I LOVE the randomness of your posts, and I'm not just saying that because it's true ;). I think it adds some extra character or insight that may not have been there before (had you actually HAD time to write). Danny's growing up so fast and I hope I get to see him while he's still pretty little :).

Love you all!


He is so adorable!!!!! It is amazing how fast time flies. I swear you blink your eyes and they are grown.


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