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December 15, 2008



Katy, he's lovely. Especially his chubby little jaw!

Are you guys gonna stay in the area for Christmas, or go and see one of your families?


He's getting so big and he's so handsome! Keep enjoying every little second!

I had to laugh at the nursing thing because it brought back memories. Dailaesse nursed until she was just a little over 3 years and there are moments even now when I wish she still was. She would ask for "booby milk" (compliments of my parents) while in the mall or grocery. Booby milk was the magic cure all. Once they stop it gets much harder to soothe them. And trust me, exposing your bra is the least of it. Wait until he's big enough to yank your entire shirt up. LOL

Have a very, very merry Christmas!


Kate! I love your posting, it's always the highlight of my week :). I can't wait to meet your little man, hopefully sooner than later. He sounds like a joy and I LOVE the pics you always send and or post. Love to you and your little family and we'll have to catch up soon!

<3 Cousin Erka ;)

Aunt BJ

I finally got smart about the nursing thing on my 3rd or maybe not until the 4th child- we just called it "Mama" - saved alot of embarassment!


He is adorable! I especially love the mirror pic. :)

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