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May 01, 2008



Well, my OB told me the best thing to do is to have lots of sex. Honest. That's what he told me. There's something in semen that can help trigger labor.

There's also castor oil which is supposed to be somewhat effective but tastes pretty nasty. I tried it with my last one because I was so uncomfortable and it didn't work.

Oh, and if I hadn't been so uncomfortable and huge I would have tried having sex. But I was uncomfortable. And HUGE. So I didn't try. LOL

Good luck sweetie!!! I hope you have a wonderfully safe and easy delivery and that little Mr. O is just as healthy as can be. :-)


I second the have lots of sex. Except I haven't had any kids, so I'm just using it as an excuse to prescribe sex as a cure all, yet again.

Aunt BJ

your MOTHER made me trek all over shopping malls and parking lots, all I got was shin splints! Grandma Nichols suggested cheesecake, I like her idea better- mine were 3 weeks late, two weeks early, one day early and 11 days late, so go figure, you pays your nickel and takes your chance! love you!


I'm packing like a crazy lady...if I can't get this all done your father will...wait...never mind. Just hang on, and I'll be there as fast as I legally can.

Yay! Baby! Yay! Ankles!

~Big hugs~


I don't know if they have whits castles there. However my OBGYN swore white castles would bring on labor.


NOTHING!!! NONE OF IT WORKS! Not sex not castor oil not the special back adjustment my chiropractor swore by not 4-wheeling.. none of it!! heheh
ok.. well PLEASE don't try the castor oil!


I concur! I've heard tons of sex and a brisk walk -- but who knows how much it really works -- oh, and a quick ride on a bumpy road is supposed to help too...but again, Mr. O may have other plans -- I think he likes it in there ;)

Katy, we're all praying for you and hope you'll be able to go into labor on your own and that it's short and sweet and finished in a couple of pushes!

Can't wait to see the little one!


Kerry has the number one advice I was told - it worked for me when I had my 2nd. Good luck!!!

your other mother

Try scrubbing the kitchen floor on your hands and knees. Something about being in that position makes it happen quicker (like our cousins on four legs). My cell phone will be on 24/7, waiting!!!! Good luck, to both my sweeties. My prayers are with you.


Sex and walks. That's what I tried..... but you shouldn't listen to me since I ended up being induced with all three!

But whatever way you end up going into labor, induction or natural, the end result will be the same. A wonderful blessing of a baby that will be very loved.


Good Luck with everything. I can't offere any advice about inducing labor, but if you still need a Boppy pillow, I have a used one (dark blue w/ zoo animals) that I can send you if you'll email me your address. Also a sling so you can wear the baby. My son did really well in the sling.


I read (on a blog somewhere?) that someone swore by a big Italian dinner.... ??? I remember my last couple of weeks, wanting labor to start NOW. One suggestion was to nurse another baby---we didn't have one handy (which I'm not sure if I would have done....?). Another suggestion was a spot on the inside of the ankle in reflexology that was supposed to really get things going. Nope, that didn't work either.

Maybe you could play recorded newscasts of snowed-in emergency-level blizzard weather in the middle of the night (while outside is sunny and warm) and make the baby decide NOW that way. ;)

Whatever way things go, my thoughts are with you during this exciting (and exhausting!) time. Once the baby is here, everyone will focus on him, but you've done an outstanding job for nine months, keeping him safe and healthy. Bravo!

P.S. Have you thought of looking on Etsy for a diaper bag?

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