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March 14, 2008


The M's

You poor soul, I am sending cooling, chilling thoughts your way, you know what I mean :)
I think our crib was missing parts, I just took it back to the store and whined to them, they exchanged it. Can't wait to see it put together.


I can't wait to see baby orange's corner all put together. Trust me though cribs are overrated. A good place to store extra baby stuff. Baby orange will be cuddling in bed with you and Mike before you know it:)


Ugh. We recently bought two toddler beds like that. They were VERY DIFFICULT to put together (and I'm like the queen of put together furniture)... and then they were missing parts. MISSING PARTS. Oh how that sucks. So sorry you had to deal with that in the throws of pregnancy.

You'll be just as hot when baby comes - he'll be laying on you - just like a cat. heh :)

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