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February 01, 2008



What an awesome place! Mike really out did himself. :-)


So beautiful! I can hardly wait to visit ahd help bring Baby Orange into the world. D'ya think Chloe will like me more when I'm on *her* turf?

Hugs & love to all~


Wooo hooo!!! Great Place!


your new apartment looks awesome and so does little Master O's current dwelling place. Hang in there.

The M's

Wow, that is a nice apartment. We have the same color carpet in our house.
Mr. O will have a wonderful new home, when he is ready.

Your other mother

Get used to the tears for a few more months...it's just the hormones, sweetie. We all love you. And not just because of MO - because you're you.


Did the kitty come with the countertop? If so, where can I get one. It looks like it needs some roast turkey, tunafish or other foods that it's cruel parents won't feed it.
The place looks great. Can't wait to see it in person.
Hug Mikey and BO for me,


Looks like a great apartment. Let all of us in blog land know. What fun things are you finding to do in your new town?

Aunt BJ

Hey baby(s) how y'all doing?

Knitting Addict

Oh, for CRYING out LOUD! You're not even that big yet, darlin' what is WRONG with people? Don't let them get to you -- I think you look GORGEOUS :)

Just smile and nod and think "go #@#* yourself" in your mind when someone says something like that (heck, I get it ALL the time and I am not even preggers!!) -- I Promise, it will make you feel way better!!

And the new home looks lovely!! I wish you all the best there!!

XXXXXOOOOO for ALL of you!!!!

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