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December 17, 2007


The M's

I am so very glad that you made it home safely, although with a few incidents. It would have been so boring though had there not been any problems..hehehe. Merry Christmas and welcome home.


Welcome home guys. Glad to hear you made it safely. And seriously, your trip was a walk in the park all things considered. Wait til you travel with 5 kids, 4 animals, a camper, two vechiles, and only part of your household gooods to your new duty station only to find no room at the inn. Hang in there, the ankles swelling will go down, Chloe is gonna settle in great, and raid your mom's yarn stash and whip up some new socks :LOL:


Welcome home!!


Welcome Home!!! I am glad you all made it hear safe through all the weather.


You had quite the trip home. Glad that you made it safely though.


Silly Chloe! And socks are cheap. Not good ones, good ones take time, beautiful soft yarn, and love. But reasonably warm sweat socks? Dirt cheap.

Welcome Home!


Hey Katy,

Welcome home to snowy Michigan!

You don't know me, but hey....

Okemos, MI


Welcome home! I'm glad you are all State-side *and* with family, safe and warm. Here's to clean laundry arriving very soon! *smile*


The M's

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Sock Knitter

Hi guys!!

Gosh, each time I read this I comprehend a bit more about how AWFUL your trip really was. So sorry you had to go through that :(

And, being that I KNOW who your Mother is, Katy -- it's a bit difficult for me to believe you don't have SOCKS
(sorry, I just could NOT resist!!)

Welcome Home again!! Glad you're well and enjoying your family :)

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