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October 31, 2007



Yay, I'm happy for you!

Also, as a side note, um, why do all small animals feel it's appropriate to wake up ungodly early?


I am so glad to hear that. Hopefully you will have her for many years to come.


I am happy for you. That is great news. God Bless


Yay! Happy Caturday for you! Some of those pictures of her totally need the icanhascheezburger treatment!



How wonderful! (Incidentally, Baby Orange is beautiful)
Now, back to kitties. I never had a screamer . . . but one memorable visit started with one of the (indoor!) cats sneezing a maggot onto the exam table, a near jab in the hand with rabies inoculation for me, a needle flying through the air and stabbing the second cat (cowering in the corner at the time) in the rump, and said second cat making a fresh stool sample for the vet right there on the table.
What would we do without the little treasures?


So now that we know she can't infect the Blue Cat I assume that we will need to set another place at the table for Christmas dinner?
Does she like turkey or ham?

The M's

I am so glad to hear that she will get to be with your for years and years to come. She will be such a wonderful friend to the babybe too. :)


This is vrey wonderful news about Chloe! Now Baby orange can have a cat for a big sister.

I had a cat who screamed so loud at the vet, it sounded like a human was being murdered. The vet asked us to find someone else to take care of her.

I found out by accident that a chlortrimeton pill does almost as well as a cat sedative in relaxing the cat for the vet, but it does take a while for it to wear off. (The pills were about the same size & color.)

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