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August 15, 2007



I love the pic of her on the washer, it makes me want to say "my, what big eyes you have". You could submit that one to icanhascheezeburger with the caption "my what big eyez you haz, the better to see cheezeburger?"
Glad to hear that Cas is back to his normal cowfur self. He really is one of my favorite fuzzy things next to "his Blue-ness".

The M's

Hello again, sorry I haven't been around lately, computer crashed and burned.
Cats are like children, you love them like crazy and wish you could change things that you can't, all at the same time.


If her petite furryness is still using your tub as her litter, you can deter her with aluminum foil on the bottom. The kitties hate the crackle . . . ask me how I know *rolls eyes*

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