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August 19, 2007


Christine (aka: sunshine, big sis, etc.)

I, truly and absolutely, believe you will be an awesomely kick ass mommy!


You are right, you will be an amazingly awesome mom! Other people's kids aren't the same as yours. Don't let them get you down.

Aunt BJ

The Holy Spirit is the ultimate Parent and you can't help but be the very bestest for your own kids! Of course you will be an awesome mom, whose butt can I kick for you that says otherwise? hmmm?

Your other mother

Of course I believe you'll be a great mom. Mike chose you and I trust his judgment, otherwise I would have said something long ago. I think you are wonderful - and all this "kid" business is YOURS and MIEE'S business - nobody else's. You're both going to make fantastic grandchildren for me - some day. Love you both so much.

The M's

No one knows how someone else will be as a Mom, except of course people who love you and have known you for a long time. I, not knowing you for very long, say that you will be a KICK A** Mom.


When the time comes for babies, you will be the very best, together with Mikey. There are reasons why some children have to live with just one parent, but it really is easier with two...just think about who got away with what from whom in our own family. It takes Daddy to discipline Nick, because he's got me wrapped. You one the other hand, could wheedle almost anything from your Dad but not me...well, *mostly* not me.

You're going to be a fantastic mommy when the time is right. This I know.

I love you SO much!


when you are 42?

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