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August 05, 2007



yay for new duty stations and hey...you will only be a whopping 11 hours driving time away...wonder if "mom" and you would ever be able to come here. Was soooo hoping for you all to come to Shepard or Altus and be really close by :)


Yeah, me too. Like, Higgins Lake or something. So they don't have a military base there...so what? You could camp...it'd be like being in the military. :::heading off to take pain medication again. Making little sense, even to myself:::

I love you!

Aunt BJ

Florida family here- we can take road trips there too, Paula and Grace are itching to get on the open road!
Love you, see you in maybe 6 months?

The M's

Yeah you are moving back to the states. Don't forget if you need a pitstop, Erick is right on I-40..hehehe


Congrats on the reassignment and promotion and stuff!
Couple of questions . . .
My husband visited his best friend at Kadena several years ago, and he still talks about Hiji Falls, the Stick restaraunt, Sam's By the Sea (we just had Sam's style curry soup this week in fact), the Garlic restaraunt, Shuri Castle . . . good lord. He's rambling on about it now. Anyways. Those were the highlights and he wonders if you've been.
We also wondered what Mike's rank is. My hub's friend is currently a captain and he's based at a supply depot in Virginia.
Finally, in case I've forgotten to comment, the wee (or not so wee in Caspian's case now) beasties are adorable.


Well it at least it won't take 14 hours by plane over several time zones while getting whacked by rude airline people just to see you. Just 14 hours in a car with your mom.....uh never mind.....


Um, due to circumstances beyond my control, I humbly retract the last comment. Something about ever having relations with my wife again forces me to state the following: The following comments are not necessarily the opinions or views of the said comment-or or this station. If this had been an actual comment you would have been informed about what station you could tune to for actual comment events. Also the comments made by the comment-or are protected by copy write laws and fines of $250 ka-jillion dollars or threat of being nibbled to death by a tribe of African pigmy goats can and will be enforced and blah-blah-blah.
Humbled, but legally covered,


Yay for you living stateside soon!! I'm so happy for you and your family!! :)

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