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July 18, 2007



It's always hard bringing a new baby home, but they wrap themselves around you, they get into your hearts and you can't help but love them. It will be good for Caspie to have a play mate too. Lots of people say cats are loners. I feel they are very social creatures, just very independent. I have 3 of the little buggers. Zipporah is 13, Sarai is 11, and Bear-a-bus is 3. They are wonderful military cats and have made lots of moves. Hang in there. It'll be ok.


She's such a cutie! I have a loud cat, too. He stands at the other end of the house and howls until I go see what's wrong. Of course, nothing is wrong. He just wanted attention!


Welcome Chloe, you have the been adopted into one of the best families around... be kind to them as you figure out to retrain them all to follow your orders.

**She's a beauty! congrats!!


oh what a cutie


What a cute kitty. She is lucky to have you and Mike as her forever Mommie and Daddie beans.
Munchkin will go around the house yeowling for me, it is fun, we all love our cats as well as our children.


Congrats on your new baby, she's absolutely lovely.
It must be difficult taking in little ones who are likely to not have an average life span but I'm impressed with your willingness to love regardless of the cost.

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