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May 10, 2007



IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyou sosososo veryvery much!

The M's

Please don't listen to the people who say things about you being close to your family. Family is why God made us all. Family members will always be there when some friends won't.
Go ahead and love your family, call them every day, call them twice a day.
We moved back home to be with our family. Family is the best.


I'm old enough to be your other mother (hehe), and I still call MY mama every day. So what's wrong with THAT picture? Nothing. I love her. And I love you, sweetie.


I wish I had such a good relationship with my Mother. That's why I've hijacked your famdamily...


I talk with my daughter almost every day. She calls me on her way home from work. I think it is wonderful. I'm delighted that you have the same connection with YOUR mother!


It's not weird, it's wonderful. :-) I talk to my parents every day and since we live next door to each other I usually see them every day too. I hope and pray that my kids talk to me as often once they're grown and on their own.


I think it's a girl thing =P


you're not at all weird kiddo...i'd be calling your mama that often too (if she'd let me *grin*)...and i'd give anything to be able to talk to my mama again...

thinking good thoughts for you


Well I for one am not talking to you anymore. But wait. By saying I am not talking to you is really talking to you. So how do you say I am not talking to you without telling you about it? hmmmmmm. Give me a call and we can discuss it.
I Love You,


Oh it is so not weird! I talk to my Mom every day! My brother and sister don't, but I sure do :-)

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