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May 23, 2007


Jan b.

If you're lucky, you'll NEVER feel like a grown-up. I still feel like a kid sometimes. Those are good moments. Enjoy it while you can!


I was going to say hopefully never but I see Jan's already beat me to it. :-) In case I don't get a chance to pop in next Thursday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!


Adult? You mean you are supposed to feel like an adult too? That is so not fair. First they ask you to act like an adult then give you the responsibilities of an adult and now they want you to feel like one. NOT FAIR, NOT FAIR, NOT FAIR, NOT FAIR *holds breath* I think I will cry now.


As in the words of Peter Pan, "I will never grow up." In fact, I've just recently regressed back to my teen years (without the acne and curfews), and I'm loving it!


"It must be Thursday...I never could get the hang of Thursdays..." Douglas Adams

i'm over twice your age *groan* and most days i don't feel 'grown up' at all...not such a bad thing, really ;-)

happiest of birthdays kiddo...may this year be full of joys, love, and blessings for you and yours

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