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February 06, 2007


Your Hubby

MMmmmm... Guacamole....

Doesn't caspie eat the straws anyway? I dont think that has anything to do with me being gone babes =p

We should be home to visit around 5 tonight, although I'll still call with an exact time before we go. I love ya and have a good week!


Guacamole? Who knows it may be a new hair craze. Carmen Maranda used to dance with a bowl of fruit on her head why not guacamole. Just dance around with the windows open. I bet your neighbors will love it!
Or not......
I Love You kiddo and remember that I am only a phone call away if Caspian gets lonely and needs someone to talk to. Oh yeah I will be here also if you want to talk as well.

The M's

With all that extra time on your hands, you coult check out the VD contest at http://vdcontest.blogspot.com/

Our valentines are Missy's valentine to Sabi, and Monte's Valtentine to Eclair.

Your Hubby



(just browsin around) Are there no way of phone contacts whatsoever out there while on silver flag?? My husband is out there this week and i havent heard from him :( im home alone and it sucks. i dont like this military lifestyle and being stuck in Japan... if you could email me please and let me know all about it out there

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