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January 25, 2007


Aunt BJ

Dontcha just LOVE technology?


Are you weeping over the screen saver being turned off or that you cannot watch the show that was schedualed? Some of those screen savers have pretty good plots......
I love you,


I feel your pain, litterally. I live in base housing here on Kadena and have been getting bandwidth speeds of 50-70Kbps for the last 2 weeks(based on highest bandwidth results from the major testing sites). They advertise 1.5Mbps (20x more then what I get), so what am I doing wrong here? I cant even use my Vonage phone, much less play an online game or watch some streaming video. I've had Mediatti here since late '04 (shortly after they started providing for Kadena) and have never experienced speeds over 315Kbps, and that was at 3am on some glorious day last year. I really wish there was a better business bureau or something for military contractors. Could they at least have a minimum service requirement clause in the contract that stated that they have to at least make some effort to fix bandwidth problems? I'd love to hear any suggestions anyone might have as to some kind of action that can be taken to either curb the issues or draw attention to them from the right kinds of people.
-We will always remember...

Just John

I'm fortunate enough to live on a Marine Base here in Oki, and we were able to dump Mediatti's sub-standard internet service. Konnect is over five times faster (4 Mbps) than what I was getting with Mediatti (600-700Kbps). Still no solution for the "Blue DVD screen of death" though. I guess we should be thankful; I know that putting the right DVD in the right machine is a highly technical process, much like launching the space shuttle...

Sandra Way

So we are not able to get Konnect on Kadena?? This bites

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