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January 16, 2007



So knit like the wind little one.
I Love You,

The M's

I have an older set that hershners sold of needles, I love them, however, I think that I might like the Denise ones better, they have finger groves to help attach them to the cables....You are sooo lucky.


you sure have a great mom, enjoy the needles and have a great time knitting with them


I just got the knitpicks options interchangeable circulars and I'm very excited...but also haven't taken them out of their case yet!
Ever find anyone else to knit with here on KAB?
Here's a tip about the commissary---take a book or knitting project, go 1/2 hour before opening, get the first parking space and finish your shopping before all the moms have managed to wrangle their kids into carseats! That's what I do!

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