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November 12, 2006



And to think, he's helping to defend our country. Go figure, my hubby thinks they look great too. ARGH...I think the stress of war is getting to our husbands!


I've looked at this five times and every single time I crack up laughing. Aren't guys strange? (Tell Mikey I love him...)


Mmmm cookies! They look yummy. Can you sprinkle a little fairy dust on mine. I think I could use it!


I cannot help but see the resemblance of Mr. Bill saying "OH NO SLUGGO" (you have to be an old Saturday night live fan to understand this) and I also find the cyclops one a little disturbing. Is this the way Mike says "Merry Christmas"? If so I am now worried about my December 14th arrival.
Actually I think they are great. Very artistic. They say......very disturbed or something like that. Take Care, counting the days to you you.
Love ya,


so i guess the air force and war has really had a bad effect on Mike. Im afraid to see what kind of cookies hed make on halloween. hah. I love you katy/ie?(im a terribe cousin im sorry. i wont be offended if you start spelling my name gracie, or graice. or even gurrrrrace, though i dont really like it. and now i've gone off on a tangent. i often do it when speaking to people , but youd think i could stay on topic when typing. i guess not). Any way, i was thinking about you and when i saw the cookie pictures i felt compelled to comment. i really hope everything is going well over in japan. i miss you bunches, and i hope to see you before the next 5 years go by!


Those are great!


Love the cookies!! My kids like to make them like the Calvin and Hobbes snowmen, with the heads at an angle and all. I think it's getting time to pull out that cookie recipe and have some fun.

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