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October 11, 2006



I know how you feel. I lost a cat just about two years ago and my other cat would literally walk around the house looking for his brother and wail. It's wasn't crying, he was wailing.

They had been brothers for 8 years and my remaining cat was so lonely.

I adopted another cat two weeks later. Some people told me I was trying to replace my lost cat, but that wasn't it at all. Good for you for thinking of Piper.


Oh Kate. I'm so sad to hear about Romeo. He was lucky to have found you. I hope another lucky cat finds you and Mike and Piper soon. Hugs.


I'm so sad for you. I know the hole that a loved pet (even loved for only a short time) can leave in your heart. You filled his last days with love.


I just found out about your kitty.
Just wanted to let you know how I am thinking of you and praying you find another kitty soon.
Love Linda

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