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August 28, 2006



Aw...what a sweet picture.

I can't help you with a middle name. I also have a cat named Romeo and still don't have a middle name for him (almost 2 years after I adopted him).




If you're going to have a contest, you need to make it clear...put something like "CONTEST!" across the top of the post...you're likely to get a better response...

Just my .02...

I love you!


Romeo Argent Watrous


Romeo Edgar Watrous - has a nice ring to it. Susie told me to stop by - what a handsome fellow he is!


Romeo Orange Watrous

Intials make a cat sound roowwww
also "rhymes" with orange heehee


Hi, from MI! I think he needs to be Romeo Amore Watrous, since he's so obviously in love with Piper.


Romeo Jones Watrous...because he seems to be jonesing for Piper....


Rafferty. Why? Why not. I like the way it sounds. Romeo Rafferty Watrous.


Romeo Agustus Watrous.

So cute.


Your mom sent me over. Romeo Aloysius (pronounced Aloe-wishus) Watrous. Initials spell RAW--also a kitty sound. Congrats on your new pet for Piper!


Congratulations on Romeo; he does seem to be Piper's Romeo.

Lorinda has won in my very humble opinion. A great name and the initials put it over the top.

Melissa Wright

Romeo Amore---


Romeo Zydeco Watrous! Zydeco is a form of Cajun music, and with it being the anniversary of Katrina. Well, (shrug). :)


romeo montague watrous...it's not terribly creative nor do the initials make a catly noise (unless one has a mouthful of mouse or squid ;o))...but it's my (literary) choice and i'm sticking with it lol

i'm glad to hear you're keeping him :o)


How about:

Romeo Onkei Watrous

onkei means blessing in Japanese



I don't know why, it just sounds right to be.


Romeo "Ricardo Montalban" Watrous. I don't need the yarn just thought he should be named after one of my hero's (star of "Fantasy Island" and many assorted commercials and bit parts as well as just being a cool latin lover type dude). So send the yarn to the first runner up.


I retract the last name suggestion. New name: "Romeo Riley Watrous" after his one-continent removed brother. They look so much alike they must have been seperated at birth or something. I mean how do you explain the same shade of blue.


Romeo Whereforartthou Watrous!


A few suggestions...

Romeo Primo Watrous
Romeo The Bear Watrous
Romeo !!! Watrous
Romeo Chromeo Watrous
Romeo Wellington Watrous, Esq.

...and I'm spent!


Romeow Felinity Watrous *S*

Welcome to the new member of the family!

Aunt BJ

Romeo Alonzo?


Am I too late? I don't know. Either way, you WILL take me into consideration or I WON'T take you to Chicago! ;)

Tybalt. It's fitting to his name, as it is another cast member from Romeo and Juliet. It's fun to say, AND Tybalt's nickname was "Prince of Cats."

Romeo Tybalt Watrous.

Or if you hate that, I like Mercutio -- also from Romeo and Juliet. It's fun to say, too. Merrrcoooshiooo!

Mary Aman

How about Romeo "Alexander"
Watrous? I think it all sounds melodious together.

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