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August 12, 2006



I love you and would never think that you would hurt someone intentially, sunshine!


First - I would feel bad for his wife. She apparently has her hands full with that *&^^**@@@! Second, there isn't anything you could say or do that would make one wit of difference to someone like that - his ego apparently needing stroking and defending his wife from the big bad shopper was his way of making himself feel good about HIM. There isn't a comeback that you could have possibly said that wouldn't make you feel worse - you did the right, polite thing. Basically - it's not you, it's him.


Exactly what Chris said. Exactly.

A well written post on the subeject. Are you a journalism major? :)

Jan b.

I was in Meijer one time and a guy who was pushing his wife in a wheelchair *yelled loudly* at my kids, "You little $%##!'s get the %$#&!@ out of my way!". The kids were little at the time. I ran up to him and told him I didn't care WHAT kind of day he was having - he'd better NEVER talk to my kids that way again or he'd have a black eye! Nothing worse than being rude around a protective Mom! :-)

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