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July 21, 2006



Live it up and enjoy! So glad he made it home safely. My hubster leaves in mid October for a year...ick.


Is that (in the booth at Chili's) the 'Don't mess with me, ma'am. I'm a serious soldier' look? Or was he just getting tired of you taking pictures?

So glad you're happy. Piper looks like she's delighted to have daddy home too...

Love you both so much!


woo hoo! hehe . feed that boy he looks a little skinny to me!!


Glad to see a great big honkin' smile on your face!!!!


Yeaaaa!!! Hubby's should be home. :)


Yippee!! Fun pictures. Good times. So glad he's home safe and sound. :)


You look so happy and excited and everything else possible! You will defientely be seeing pictures of Joey and me like this within the next few weeks, he gets home in 17 days...Can u believe it? I will talk to you soon!

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