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April 18, 2006



That is just too darn cute, feeding the cat Midol. I wonder if it would work on my dog that is fixed. HUM,HUM. Keep hanging in there girl, honey bun will be home soon and the time will fly by. Have a great day. Lots of hugs, your aunt pammi


Oh forgot, do you have any pictures of us on the horse when I was in Michigan, will be posting soon my blog (if you read it) the scrapbook that I have made so far of the trip and I am in need of pictures.


too bad they don't make kitty hormones...you know like the pill :)


Hang in there...like our Aunty Flo's go so does the kitty heat.


This is just her first heat? Gosh I thought she was older than that. It's complete torture for anyone within 500 miles, I know. You'll be so glad after she's "fixed". :)

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