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April 08, 2006



*dad hides all umbrellas in house*


I and relate coming off after 8 1/2 years. Just hang on my friend it will get better, also when you are feeling that way Pray,Pray


got your bloglink from my friend kerry.
i got off anti=depressants
pointersL cut back, not cold turkey.
even 1 hr or 2 hrs later is better.... increase b-vitamins, 2x daily [water soluble and nontoxic= you pee out the extra...].
will help. avoid beef if you can as it also useful for quitting smoking]...
zazen helps. lol
knitting too....



How funny, I found your blog through anothr hostess of SP8...and then I realize that I read your Mom's blog all the time!

I was on Zoloft after I had my second child. It was for my panic attacks. started to make them worse so I stopped taking it. OH MY GOD. that was worse than the panic attacks. I had to go back on it and cut the dose in half, then about a week later I cut that in half, then another week, andother half.

Even by doing that I had withdrawl for about a month. It was really rough. I will NEVER take antidepressants again.

If you just have the anxeity, then there are others out there that will not do this to you.

If you ever need to talk then email me. I know you don't know me, but I have been told that I am pretty nice :-)

Oh and the whole potty thing? Made our last car trip fun, I got to tell my husband all about potties in Asia :-)

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