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March 25, 2006



Oh poor kitty. I bet she got so home sick for you and missed you so much she got sick...but now that you are home to take care of her and love on her, she will perk right back up.


I am so sorry about your kitty. But I also know that she is in the best hands she could be in.....yours. Cause you will love her and take care of her when others maybe would not. Cherish everyday with her. God has only given us so many days here and we should make the most out of all them with the loved ones we have.
Go love on your kitty (that's an order!)
I love you,


I am glad to hear that she is doing better. I will pray. Enjoy your mom's visit, doing girl things. :)
Love you, sorry I didn't get to see much of you. I really enjoyed Montana.
Love Linda


I'm sorry to hear about your kitty. With all the love you have for her, I'm sure that she's in good hands.


thinking good thoughts for your puddytat...think your vet's right, they're living a lot longer now with FeLV and you caught it early...she'll be ok, especially with you to love and care for her :o)


Hey Chick, just talked to your Mom about Pip. I'm so sorry she has been not feeling her usual sprite self. I agree with Laurie - she can still live a good, long happy life - hugs and kisses from Mom (and grammy !!) won't hurt either. Sending all my hugs to you and your furbaby.....


D wants to know if porridge rhymes with orange.


I'm sorry your kitty is sick. I hope she has a long time with you yet.


Poor little girl. I'm sure she'll have a long & happy life with you & will enjoy all the extra love she'll get. One of my dogs has a blood condition & she gets extra cuddles when the other one isn't looking.

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