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March 24, 2006



super cuuute!!


Duh-kee. Look for one coming to a mailbox near you soon. (Not a real one, silly! But a duh-kee nonetheless.) And look for me, coming to an airport near you *really* soon!

Nice banner, Annibellini! You gotz mad computer skillz!


Very cute. Makes me want to go take a bath or something like that......


*giggle* i love it...then again i have a thing for duckies ;o) very nicely done banner...one of these days i'll have to come up with a creative sheepy one

thanks for linking to me (even though i've been falling down on the job at keeping up)...it was sweet of you :o)

had a blast visiting with you and your mom :o) glad you got home safely...take good care of her for us please? ;o)

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