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September 28, 2005


Aunt BJ

not much of a day, just over an hour and a half... hehehe btw your home is LOVELY, clean and uncluttered, wanna switch? even the air looks clean there, LUCKY!
ILY mucho, kiss yourself and Hobie for me, talk atcha soon.


Looks real nice kid but I have a question. Why did'nt your room look like that when you lived here? Inquiring minds want to know.


Okay, that's just sick. How can you be awake at 7:15, much less able to look for and identify objects?


Hey Sweetie, I love your new home. I remember Uncle Robin's and I first apartment. I love all the pictures and miss you. Hope you are ok and drop me a line sometime. I am searching your blog for you address to write to you. love ya lots


Found your delightful site via Sundry. I was thrilled to read that you are in Okinawa.. as a Army Brat, I lived on the rock for about 4 years, it was such a blast! Lived on base, in Machinato. Went to the beautiful beaches, enjoyed shopping and finding neat places to try new food. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures and posted pictures in Oki.

Take care!

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